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Gambling machines can they be cheated?

Gambling scams

If you have seen movies such as Oceans 13, 21 or Casino, you have probably seen that there are methods to cheat the casino. Obviously the situations depicted in the films were either purely fictional or mathematical. The latter, however, only applies to the game of Blackjack, where counting cards is actually an effective way to check your chances of winning. However, no-deposit casinos are hard to cheat and in land-based casinos counting is considered cheating, which can result in severe consequences for players using these techniques. So how do gambling machines stand up to any cheating?

Land-based machines

All older and newer slot machines are now electronic machines with special software. As such, they no longer contain real reels as they did many years ago. They are based on software and a random generator, which means that only some people can count on winning. It is not possible to bypass all security measures, as this would require disassembling the machine itself into many parts and accessing its contents. I guess it’s hard to imagine a situation where you walk into a gambling hall or land-based casino and suddenly unravel the owners’ slot machine there. It is impossible to influence the final result of the draw. There are no interfering machines placed right next to the machine that could change the results of the draw.

Online slot machines

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The situation is similar with online slot machines. They are available at every online casino. Many of them are based on the same software as land-based slots, as well as newer ones with more security features. It is important to realise that a number of factors are responsible for the security of online games and casinos. First of all, the slot games themselves are created by the best developers on the market. These companies take great care of the quality of their slots, which is why they introduce special security features. They are so strong that even the online casinos themselves have no influence on what hands will be drawn on the reels.

Second point. Online casinos generally use certified number generators. These are provided by the best mathematical institutions. It is such generators that have the greatest influence on what will be drawn on slot machines or other gambling games. Casinos are also subject to strict controls by external organisations, so any irregularities can be quickly detected and reported.

Finally, there is the security of the casino itself. Every online casino uses the best data transcriptions, especially SSL. These are security features which are also used by banks and financial institutions on a daily basis. It is therefore impossible to gain unauthorised access to the system, let in viruses, own programs. There is no denying that probably the best hacker in the world would have a big problem with breaking through the security. It is clear from this that both land-based and online slot machines cannot be fooled by the system. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to increase your chances.

How to increase your odds?

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Many video slots, although based on the principles of randomness, are dependent on the amount of bets placed. This is particularly evident in older slots, especially those in the classic style. Such bar slots can be a bit of a cheat. The trick is to start out with lower bets per spin of the reels. It’s only after a few chances that you should increase your stake, making it likely that with a higher stake you will have a few percent higher chance of winning. It doesn’t always work, but there is a theory.

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