People come to Australia for many different reasons, but a lot of them stay for surfing. The smallest continent still has thousands of very different beaches, all of them unique and appealing in their own way. Since most people in Australia live on coasts, they spend a lot of time near the ocean. Some of them swim, some just enjoy the sunsets, but one activity is particularly popular among Aussies. People in Australia love to surf, and they do it all year, regardless of the season. In warm climates, surfing is a great way to relax and keep yourself cool. Those who have proper equipment can have a lot of fun surfing in the winter as well. For those who prefer surfing the internet, Bizzo Casino Australia offers many interesting games.

What equipment do surfers need in the winter?


Lower temperatures of winter present a lot of challenges for surfers. Still, most important is the cooler temperature of the waters. Surfers need wetsuits to keep their bodies warm and safely continue to surf in the winter. These wetsuits can help you maintain a warm body temperature to enjoy your hobby without the risk of catching a cold. It’s worth mentioning that winter in Australia is during June, July, and August. Even during these months, don’t expect a typical harsh winter. The water never drops below 12 degrees. Still, people who just liked to surf and want to continue in the winter should definitely consider getting a wetsuit. When it comes to safety during surfing, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Advantages of surfing in the winter 

One of the best things about surfing in the winter is the fact that the beaches are almost empty. The slightly colder season keeps amateurs at home, and the coasts are populated with true lovers of this sport. Plus, since there aren’t many people, it is much easier to notice good waves to surf on. Winter is also the perfect season to start surfing. First of all, in the summer good waves are hard to come by. Second, a less crowded beach means that there will be enough opportunities for everyone. This allows you, as a beginner, to learn proper etiquette.

Another huge advantage of surfing in the winter is the better quality of the waves. In the winter, the winds change their direction and make much smoother waves. This allows everyone, even the beginners to ride the wave all the way to the coast. During the winter months, the quality of the water improves as well. On some days, you can chill out on your surfboard and observe marine life. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see whale migration from afar.

And last, but definitely not the least, is the post-surfing relaxation. In the wintertime, it feels much better to get a blanket and chill out on the beach with like-minded people. Maybe you can start a small fire to keep you warm. Aussies love beer as well, so there are endless possibilities to have fun.

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