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1×2 sports betting – Success through betting strategies

If you are interested in sports betting, 1×2 betting is certainly one of the first markets you will get to know. It is one of the names given to the basic bet, that is, who will win a certain game. Another common name for 1×2 betting is “Moneyline”.

Placing your 1×2 bets may seem like a very simple task at first, and in fact, anyone who wants to put money on this guess only needs to select which side they think will win – or even if the game will end in a draw – and place the bet.

What are 1×2 bets?

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There are many sports betting markets, but we can say that 1×2 betting is perhaps the first of all that punters come across. In fact, 1×2 betting is the first that comes to mind for anyone who has never bet in their life, because it is the basic type of guess – picking the winning side.

The name “1×2 bets” in itself already demonstrates what this type of bet is all about. Each character in the phrase represents a possible outcome: ‘1’ ‘is the home team’; ‘x’ is a draw and ‘2’ is the away team. Within 1×2 betting, therefore, the three possible outcomes for most matches are covered – win, draw and defeat.

Why should punters place 1×2 bets?

1×2 bets are surefire options for beginners, as they are very simple and straightforward bets. However, those who think that it is a bet of mere luck are wrong; in fact, making a moneyline guess is one of the most difficult tasks for any punter, as you have to wait the whole game to know whether the outcome of the entry was negative or positive, and sometimes a goal or point can change the whole story of the match and, consequently, of the 1×2 bets – either for good or for bad.

One smart way to use 1×2 betting is through combination betting. If you are looking for attractive odds and still want to work with a certain margin of safety, selecting a few 1×2 bets that involve the main favourites or extremely likely outcomes (including draws) can be very useful. The secret, of course, is in the management.

Maximising your winnings with 1×2 betting

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To make your 1×2 bets as good as possible, the main strategy remains the study and collection of relevant data before actually making the entry.

Of course, this depends on your level of interest and investment in 1×2 betting or in any other market, but it may be interesting to even seek premium services (paid) information and statistics.

We give this tip because 1×2 betting is, like any other market, theoretically unpredictable, but perfectly possible to track patterns.

The attentive punter should keep an eye on, among other characteristics, the recent form of each involved in the game/event, the history of direct confrontations (if any), the recent performance in terms of scoring goals/points, the specific performance at home and away from home and any other data that help compose a scenario of relative predictability for the 1×2 bets of the moment.

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