Amazing Facts About Australia

Australia is an amazing country. When it snows in most of the world, Australians bask on sunny beaches. Here live the most unique and deadly animals that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Here people like to play at the casino, and you also go to National Casino login.

Fact 1

Australia is the only one in many things, for example, in the whole world it is the only one named after the continent and occupies its entire territory; it is the only country that does not border with any state on land; it is the only one that has marsupial mammals on its land and such conclusions can be listed for a very long time.

Fact 2 

Australia is a country of many languages and dialects, the sum of which reaches two hundred varieties, and one-fourth of them are indigenous languages. The main language of Australia is English, but it is not like American or British English, as it is intertwined with dialects of different regions of the country.

Of the European languages in Australia, Italian and Greek are the most common, so, for example, Melbourne has the largest number of Greeks in the world, not counting Greece itself. And of the Oriental languages, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic are more common.

Fact 3

Australia is the fourth country in the world in terms of wine production. Australia entered the wine business quite recently, in comparison, for example, with Italy or France, only in the nineteenth century, but the unique climate of the continent allows producing a large number of different wine variants. Australia’s red wines are known all over the world, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, etc.

Australia has the largest variety of sparkling wines, they come in different colors: red, white, pink. White, dessert, and fortified wines are also produced. The main wine-growing regions of Australia are Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and others, about sixty regions across the country.

Fact 4


Off the coast of Australia is the famous Great Barrier Reef – the largest coral reef in the world. It is unique for its great length, about 2500 kilometers, and huge area, which makes it the largest living organism in the world. It consists of 900 individual islands and about 3 thousand individual reefs. The reef is one of sixteen sites in Australia that are protected by UNESCO and included in its World Heritage List.

Fact 5 

The next amazing fact about Australia concerns its discovery. As everyone knows, Australia was discovered by the British, led by the brave Captain James Cook in 1770. About twenty years later, the British sent eleven ships to Australia and established a penal colony there. The history of Australia could have turned out differently if the French had managed to arrive on the “green continent” a few days earlier before the British flag was raised over this land.

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